A home is a place of warmth, vibrancy and love. It is also an expression of the lives and souls of all its inhabitants. The quality of a home should never be standardized. Design is not about a ‘look’ or trend.

A home is timeless. Interior Design by Catherine La Marca reflects this timeless quality.

As a child in Italy, Catherine La Marca grew up in a home abundant with riche fabrics and pristine marble floors – all expressions of her mother’s domestic perfectionism. Catherine’s mother worked in the Italian fashion industry and brought her appreciation of fabric and fine texture into her home. This love of materials and design was her profession, her culture, and her life. She shared this love with an atmosphere of beauty and serenity. Their home became a refuge from the cares of the world.

Today, in the United States, families need such a refuge even more. Drawing from her experiences in Italy and extensive travels throughout Europe, Catherine La Marca strives to bring this sense of Old Europe to American homes with her designs.

Catherine La Marca brings a sense of family, home and timeless European style to all her clients. Whether designing a room or an entire house, Catherine works diligently to create a unique expression based on client individuality and is always seeking new ways to fuse that European standard of excellences in material and craftsmanship with the American sense of individual style.

Catherine is from a home of skilled designers. Her grandmother would take hours to painstakingly embroider a design into the fabric of a single swatch of cloth. No detail was ever overlooked when bringing a project to completion – not by grandmother, mother, or daughter. Today, more than ever, Catherine La Marca understands the demand for detail in every corner of a client’s home.


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